Compry Cool Cryo System 

The innovative Compry Cool Cryo System combines compression and cooling therapy. The portable  device is easy to use and available at a favorable quality /price rate.

At the moment an injury occurs or post-surgery, a quick recovery is desirable. Any active person aims to recover fully and perform like before. With the Compry Cool Cryo System athletescan speed up their recuperation process.

The system’s portability and durability allows patients to undergo cold compression therapy basically anywhere. At home, on the sideline of a game, the Compry Cool Cryo System can be transported to anyplace. Due to its’ design and battery the athlete has freedom of movement during usage, even when moved the cooling and compression therapy continues.

The system contributes to rehabilitation from orthopedic surgeries. Medics recommend cooling and compression therapy because it clinically proved to aid in recuperation.

Whether you are an orthopedic surgeon, a physical therapist or sports coach, each profession benefits from implementing the Compry Cool Cryo System. The system’s portability, durability and affordability allows many Medical Institutes and sport Academies to realize theCompry Cool cooling and compression therapy to support the needs of their athletes and patients.

Compry Cool

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